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We have an extremely low refund rate because our customers see great results and it is fairly priced

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Step 1: Get a Free affiliate account

We use as our affiliate program provider. Clickbank handles all the billing and payments. All you need to do is sign up for a free account to get a username and password with them.

Once you sign up you can check your sales 24 hours a day and they will send you your affiliate earnings every 2 weeks.

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Step 3: Email Copy

Subject:  Add 10 Inches To Your Vertical In Just 10 Weeks

Body:  In almost every sport an athlete can improve their performance by adding inches to their vertical jump and by becoming faster and quicker.

However, this is easier said than done and if you have ever tried any of those vertical jump or speed training workouts out there you were probably disappointed with your results.

That is all about to change.  I was just talking to Kurt Howard and he was telling me about his "Vertical Explosion Training Program" and some of the results his athletes were getting from the program.

One of his athletes added 12 inches to his vertical in the first 8 weeks on the program.  Another added 5 inches in just the first month!

He even got a message on Facebook from a mother telling him that her daughter had added 6 inches in the first 7 weeks.  Pretty impressive!

Kurt's program has been seen on sites like, and and and has been used by over 2,100 athletes across the globe.

This is not your average, cookie-cutter training program.  It is a highly effective and finely tuned program to add 10 inches to your vertical and give you explosive speed and quickness in just 10 weeks.

I urge you to head over to his site and watch the video where he explains what makes his program different from the rest and why it is so effective.

-->  Affiliate Link

You can thank me later 😉

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Step 5: Branded Report: Vertical Jump Training Exposed:

We have a special report that you can give away on your site or to your list that has YOUR affiliate links in it. The report explains the 3 biggest mistakes athletes make when training their vertical. The report does a great job of pre-selling our product and making you commissions.

**Please not that you can NOT sell this report. It must be given away for free. You can offer it as a bonus to your product or as an incentive to join your list. It can NOT be modified in any way.

--> Watch this video first for an explanation on how to insert your links into the report: Click Here To Watch the Video

Here are the download links for the branded report:

Report: Click Here To Download

Branding Software: Click Here To Download

Images to use when giving away your special report:

Step 6: PPC Tracking

If you are promoting the Vertical Explosion Guide via PPC we can insert your conversion code onto our Thank You Page so you will know what keywords are bringing in your sales. Just email us your tracking code and we will install it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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Kurt Howard

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