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Dear Fellow Athlete,

Several years ago I was just like you

I was an aspiring basketball player and having moderate success.  I wasn’t my teams go-to-guy or the one that they gave the ball to late in the game.  But I was pretty good.

After my freshman season I was faced with one of the most important decision on my basketball life…

I could either get SERIOUS about becoming the best possible basketball player I could be and doing everything I could to reach my full potential…


I could keep doing what I was doing and most likely keep being the 3rd or 4th option on my team.

I chose to take the easy way out.  I slacked off and continued to get little results.

Fast forward to today…I am a little older and no longer in competitive basketball.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could go back to my younger days and compete in sports again. And almost everyday I sit around and ask myself…

What If?

What if…I would have trained hard?

What if…I would have gotten serious about my game?

What if…I would have committed myself to becoming the best basketball player I could be?

What if…I would have chosen to dedicate myself to reaching my full athletic potential?

There is nothing worse then asking yourself the dreaded…”WHAT IF” question!

Could I have gotten more respect from my teammates and my coaches?

Could I have been my teams leading scorer?

Could I have lead my team to a State Title?

Could I have made a difference at the College level?

Could I have made it to the Pros? (your never know)

The tough part is that I will never know the answers to these questions!  And that is not a good feeling!

You only get one chance and I didn’t take full advantage of mine.

I wish I could go back and work on my game so much harder than I did and see what I could have done with my abilities.


YOU have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to put everything you have into your game and work your tail off to be the best you can be.  I wish I could relive the opportunity you have right now because you only get ONE shot at it!

Your opportunity to do AMAZING things is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! It is an incredible opportunity you have.  Take advantage of it TODAY because…

I DON’T want you to have regrets latter in life!

And here is the good news…

I Want To Help YOU Reach Your Full Athletic Potential and Be The Best Player You Can Be!

It bothers me that I wasted my own opportunity to become a star player that had all the recruiters drooling over me.  But instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself (what good would that do!) I decided that I would do everything I could do to make sure other athletes didn’t end up in the same situation as me.

So I dedicated myself to helping athletes reach their full athletic potential by giving them the proper training to achieve it.  When it comes to basketball it is no secrets that having a huge vertical leap is one of the most important athletic skills you can posses.

I mean, just think about it.  If you can jump higher than your opponent it allows you to get your jump shot off, grab rebounds, block shots…

And of course, be able to throw it down and get the crowd going crazy! (c’mon, who doesn’t dream of doing that!)

With that in mind I set out to compile the most effective and gravity defying vertical jump program possible.  I researched tons of different programs, browsed research articles, looked through training charts, analyzed what worked and what didn’t and after months of research I came to a startling conclusion…

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Athletes Make With Their Vertical Jump Training…

There were 3 main problems I continually saw when I looked at the training most athletes were using in their vertical jump training…and these mistakes were absolutely killing their results!

The first mistake I saw was that athletes were only focusing on the large muscles involved in jumping. It’s no secret that you need to be working on your quads and calves…but by only focusing on a couple muscles you will never reach your full jumping potential.  It just won’t happen!

You will hit a plateau and your vertical will go stagnate.  To break through this plateau and take your vertical above it you MUST target all the muscles that are critical for jumping. When you do, you are then able to squeak out those extra inches that can be a real difference maker.

The second mistake I continually saw with athletes vertical jump training was that they were training in the incorrect “mode”. This is a huge problem because even when some of the athletes were using the correct exercises, they were still getting lackluster results.  But when I looked at their workout it was clear the problem was that they were not training in the proper mode.

See, when you train you are either working your muscle endurance or you are working your muscle explosiveness.  Now muscle endurance is great if you are a long distance runner but not very helpful if you are looking to increase your vertical jump.  To increase your vertical jump you need muscle explosiveness.

Think about this…Do you want to be able to jump continuously for 20 minutes or do you want to be able to explode off the ground quickly and high? Then you need to focus on muscle explosiveness and kick that muscle endurance training to the curb!

Let me put it another way…Does a long distance runner train by running sprints…NO!  Does a sprinter train by running 20 miles everyday…NO!  A long distance runner needs muscle endurance and a sprinter needs muscle explosiveness.

But more importantly..A basketball player looking to increase their vertical jump MUST train for muscle explosiveness.

The third mistake I found was the biggest mistake of all and the biggest cause of minimal vertical jump gains. When it comes to vertical jump training there are 3 main training styles..Plyometrics, Weight Lifting, and Jumping Exercises.  Each of these training styles is effective to a certain degree.

But here is the problem…most athletes use only ONE of these training styles.   If you only use one then you are only going to get minimal gains!  In order to get maximum gains you need to incorporate all 3 methods of training into one single workout.

You need to take the most effective exercises from each training method and combine them into one easy to follow program. This way you get the benefits of each training method and maximum results.

So those are the 3 big mistakes that athletes make with their vertical jump training.  Avoid these 3 mistakes in your training and you are on your way to a massive vertical jump.

OK, so I am sure right now you are thinking…“That sounds great but HOW do I design a workout program based around what you just taught me?”

Here is the best part…

I Did It For YOU!

After uncovering the main mistakes that were holding athletes back in their vertical jump training, I decided to see what would happen if designed a program that targeted all muscles involved in jumping, trained those muscles in the proper mode (explosiveness), and incorporated all 3 vertical jump training methods.

So I designed the program and gave it to a small test group of athletes and had them report back to me about their progress.  The results were staggering!

One athlete added 5 inches in the first 4 weeks!

Another athlete added 12 inches in the first 8 weeks!

Several were able to dunk for the first time!

Of course, after these results, word started getting out about the program and more and more athletes wanted to use it.  So I decided to open it up for everyone because I am dedicated to helping as many athletes reach their full athletic potential as I can. So if you are ready to take your vertical to the next level and take you game to the next level…

Get Your Hands On The Exact Same Workout Plan That Has Literally Skyrocketed My Athletes Verticals To New Levels…

The Vertical Explosion Training Program

The techniques exposed in this guide are proven to increase your jumping ability to new levels. This is not some beginner program. This is an advanced vertical jumping training program.

Let me give it to you straight….

Over 3,100 Athletes Can’t Be Wrong!

My name is Kurt Howard and I have helped over 3,100 athletes finally start training their vertical jump the RIGHT WAY and getting the results they have so desperately wanted (you will see some of their amazing results on this page).

My vertical jump training system has been seen on such sites as,,, and…just to name a few.

I do not mention all of this to brag, but instead to show you that my system for training and increasing vertical jump height is proven and effective. I have helped athletes all across the world from the US to Australia.

So if you are completely feed up with your current results then I urge you to read on and learn more about my game changing program.

It Doesn’t Matter What Your Vertical Is Now.  Our Program WILL Help You Jump Higher…I Guarantee It!

Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they hit you with an outlet pass and instead of laying it in…you rise up and throw in down with authority!

Imagine being the go-to-guy on your team that your coach trusts with the ball in crunch time!

Imagine having recruiters dying to get YOU to come play for them!

If that gets you excited…then you need to order our Vertical Explosion Training Program now.

What Exactly Is the Vertical Explosion Training Program?

A Multi Faceted Approach To Vertical Jump Training

Most vertical jump programs target one effective method of increasing you vertical jump, like plyometrics or weight lifting, which leads to many people only getting minimal gains. In order to get maximum gains you need to incorporate all methods of training.

We take the most effective exercises from each training method and combine them into one easy to follow program. This way you get the benefits of each training method and maximum results.

A Workout Targeting All Muscles Involved In Jumping

You need to train all the muscles involved in jumping, not just calves and quads like most programs do! By only focusing on a couple muscles you will never reach your full jumping potential.

When you target all the muscles that are critical for jumping you are then able to squeak out those extra inches that can be a real difference maker.

A Program That Targets Your Muscle Explosiveness

Many programs use the correct exercises but fail to apply the proper “mode” of workout. This leads to you increasing your muscle endurance but not quickness and explosion, which is critical for increasing your vertical jump.

Do you want to be able to jump continuously for 20 minutes or do you want to be able to explode off the ground quickly and high? Then you need to focus on muscle explosiveness and kick that muscle endurance training to the curb!

A Step By Step, Daily Workout Regime For Your To Follow

We take all of the guess work out of training. We give you a daily workout plan for you to follow, with step by step instructions of how to perform each exercise.

Here Are Results From Several Of Our Satisfied Customers…

“I Gained A Whole 12 Inches In The First 8 Weeks

“I did your vertical program and it turned out to be great! I gained a whole 12 inches in the first 8 weeks!!

Thanks a lot! I love you guys.”

— Ahmad


“I Went From A 28 Inch Vertical To 33 Inches In The First Month”

“Hi Kurt,

My name is Sedrick H and I am 34yrs of age. With your Vertical Explosion Training Program I went from a 28 inch vertical to 33 in the first month. Your program if followed to the letter will give an athlete great hops. Thank you for letting me be apart of the training.”

– Sedrick H

San Diego, CA

“I Am Throwing It Down With Ease”

My name is Andrew and I just finished 8 weeks of the vertical jump program. Before I started the program I was barely touching the rim now, I am throwing it down with ease.

Thanks guys for the great program!!!!!!

– Andrew


“My Vertical Should Reach Above 40 Inches”

Hey Kurt..

I can honestly say today was nearly one of the most intense workouts I have ever experienced.. I attend Northwestern College in Orange City Iowa and am playing college football here. I know quite a bit about fitness and your program covers all areas of what I was looking for. I have done plios for hours and many other things to try to increase my vertical and lower my 40 time.

I can already tell after how intense the workout I had today was following your program to every last detail that after 55 days are complete my vertical should reach above 40 inches and my 40 time in the mid 4.5s. I play safety here and currently am a freshman trying to compete for the starting spot. I appreciate your program and support.

God Bless Kurt…if you have any other secrets I’d love to hear them and learn from you.

– Jacob

Orange City, Iowa

“I Can Now Dunk…”

Kurt, I am about 4 and a half weeks into the program and it is going great. I can now dunk balls that I can palm. The program is definitely working.

I used to always jump off 1 leg but now I have seen the most improvement in my two leg vertical. I can go straight up from right underneath and hang on the rim now and even when I had been in my best shape I wasn’t even close to that. I expect to be throwing down with two hands in the next couple weeks. Thank You

– Daniel H


“I Can Now Dunk With Ease…”

When I started my vertical was 17 inches and now my vertical is 24 inches easily and I can now dunk with ease with a full size ball.

– Mike G.

Ontario, Canada

“He Dunked With Two Hands For The First Time…”

Kurt here is a little update on Dakota’s progress with the vertical explosion plan. Yesterday he dunked the ball with two hands for the first time. It was not a drop step dunk but he never two handed dunked before. He really has more confidence in his jumping ability now. I can see that he does explode off the floor better and faster already. I will keep you posted. He has been doing the program for 2 and a half weeks now.;

-Jim Yamka

Do you get out jumped for rebounds?…Do you get your shots blocked in the lane?…Are you sick and tired of others boosting their vertical while yours stays the same?

Are you tired of struggling to get playing time?  Are you tired of everybody else getting all the attention?

It’s Time To Turn The Tables

Say good bye to your measly vertical. Take your vertical training into high gear and start jumping through the roof.

Don’t be left wondering “what if” latter in life.  Wondering how good you COULD HAVE been if you would have just dedicated yourself to being the best player you could be.

Let me tell you…it’s NOT a good feeling.

I want to make sure that YOU take advantage of the opportunity you have RIGHT NOW!

Our program will put you on the right track and allow you to start maximizing your full athletic potential from Day 1.

Let Me Recap What You Will All Be Getting With The Vertical Explosion Training Program…

  • A step-by-step workout program for drastically increasing your vertical leap
  • Detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise
  • Complete instructions on the number of sets and reps to do for each exercises
  • We make it as simple as possible for you to take your vertical to the next level
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But Wait, There’s More…You’ll Get These Limited Bonuses FREE When You Order Today!

Vertical Explosion Training Videos

(Value: $49)

These videos show you how to properly perform each and every exercise so there is no confusion. There is a video for each workout that walks you through the entire workout in easy to follow format.

Vertical Explosion Training iPod Videos

(Value: $39)

Now you can take your workouts to the gym with you on your iPod or iPhone. You can watch the workouts and follow along on your iPod. This makes it incredibly easy to make sure you are performing the workout correctly.

Vertical Explosion Training Logs

(Value: $29)

These training logs are the easiest way to track your performance and stay focused on your training. They are essential for getting the highest possible results out of your vertical leap.

Free Lifetime Updates
We are always testing new exercises and workouts. If we make any revisions or additions to our guide, you will get free lifetime updates. Unless you are a customer of our introductory offer (which means you order Right Now) you will not have access to future updates

Sports Nutrition Secrets Uncovered Guide

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In addition to training you should also be making sure to fuel your body properly for peak performance. The Sports Nutrition Secrets Uncovered guide will show you how.

It’s Time To Take Your Vertical Jump To New Heights

If you are anything like most athletes , you have wasted a lot of money and time on bogus vertical jump programs and equipment. Well, that all stops here. I am going to take all the guess work out of vertical jump training. You will no longer have to wonder if you are doing the right exercises or training too much or too little.

The Vertical Explosion Training Program tells you what to do, how to do it, and how often to do it!

“I’m In My 4th Week and Have Already Gained 5 Inches”

Hi Kurt, this is Sam Herbert. I’m in my fourth week and already gained 5 inches on my vertical. Thanks to you I am a better athlete and I’m almost dunking!”

– Sam Herbet

Pacifica, CA

Don’t Train Harder…Train Smarter!

Increasing your vertical leap has never been so easy!

The Vertical Explosion Training Program has taken me a long time to put together and through years of research I have been able to tweak it to be able to produce the highest gains in vertical jump height as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, it is a very valuable resource.

When I decided to make it available to the public I told myself I would not sell it for anything less than $200. However, I have been in your situation. I know what it feels like to buy program after program and get no results. You can feel absolutely hopeless. SO…I decided to offer my underground vertical training program for only…$97


Since I just recently began selling this guide, I am offering a LIMITED TIME discounted introductory price of only…$37


Because I am so confident that my Vertical Explosion Training Program will increase your vertical like you could only have dreamed of I am offering a…..

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try out our vertical training program for a full 60 Days. If at any time during those 60 Days you are not satisfied with your results, we will promptly give you a FULL REFUND!

How can we offer such a crazy guarantee? Because we know our program works. We have tested it over and over and the results have spoken for themselves.

Listen…I know you want to be a great player and you will do whatever it takes reach your full potential, so you owe it to yourself to get our Vertical Explosion Training Program and finally be the player you know you can be.  The player who gets the crowd going wild with a dunk or blocked shot into the third row of the stands!

Don’t let anyone ever out jump you for another rebound again…Stop having your layups blocked back in your face…Start throwing it down on all those people who USED to be able to jump higher than you.

You will forever kick yourself if you miss out on this opportunity!

  • The Vertical Explosion Training Guide (Value: $97)
  • The Vertical Explosion Training Videos (Value: $49)
  • The Vertical Explosion Training iPod Videos (Value: $39)
  • The Vertical Explosion Training Logs (Value: $29)
  • Free Liftetime Updates
  • The Sports Nutrition Secrets Uncovered Guide (Value: $39)
  • The 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s A Total Value of $253

Yours Today For Only $97…$37


To Your Success,

Kurt Howard

PS: If you are looking to finally increase your vertical leap to new heights and taking your game to the next level you need to get our program. We have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so there is nothing to lose and so much to gain!

PSS…I reserve the right to end our limited time introductory price at any time. If you want to make sure that you get our discount I urge you to order now. This offer may be gone very soon.

PSSS…Remember that this is an immediate download guide. You will have your hands on the guide and videos in a matter of minutes after you order (even if it is 2 am in the morning!) You can start adding inches to your vertical today!